Congratulations! you have chosen the best mattress for you

This Warranty will apply if:

  • The warranty card is still in good condition and not lost

  • The purchase invoice attached with this warranty card

  • During the warranty period (15 years maximum for spring and 1 year maximum for divan).

  • Mattress and divan had never been claimed previously.

This warranty will not apply if:

  • Mattress and divan have been exposed to water / urine / liquid detergent or any.

  • Mattress and divan have been repaired by other party.

  • Mattress and divan have been used for lodging (hotels, motels, apartment, etc).

  • mattress and divan have been used improperly.

This warranty card includes:

  • Mattresses

    The spring protrudes out

    The surface of the mattress down more than 4cm from the normal high

  • Divan

    Crushed or broken due to production errors

This warranty card does not include:

  • Transportation and returned delivery costs for problematic products

  • The surface of the mattress decrease from the normal use of up to 4 cm are not considered as structural damage because all the material from your mattresses will follow the curve of your body shape within a certain period

  • Mattress from clearance sale that sold under certain conditions or ex-display bed

  • Fabric on the mattress torn, discolored and loose stitches

  • Damage caused by stains on the mattress or burning

  • Sense of the hardness of the mattress (soft, medium and hard)

  • Mattress or divan wheezes

  • Corner protectors

If there is a complaint, please do the following 3 steps:

  • Send email to garansi@therapedic.co.id or go to the warranty menu in www.therapedic.co.id and email your complaint, or call 0812.1059.0594

  • Attach the purchase invoice and this warranty card.

  • Once our surveyor arrive at your place, then please fill in the survey application form well and truly.


  • Turn your mattress regularly to maintain and extend the quality of your mattress comfort.

  • Replace your old divan when you buy a new mattress to ensure adequate support for your new mattress.

  • Use the bed frame or a divan according to the mattress size. Suppose the mattress size is 160x200, then use a divan with 160x200 size as well.

  • Use matrass protector to keep the quality of your mattress hygiene, especially if children use the bed.


  • Do not jump, standing or walking on the mattress.

  • Do not smoking in bed and keep your mattress away from fire.

  • Do not try to rotate the mattress alone. To avoid damage to the mattress or personal accident risks, ask for help from someone else to help you rotate the mattress.

  • Do not remove the label affixed on the tip of your mattress. This label helps to identify and prove your warranty rights.

  • Water / urine / liquid / detergent will damage the elements contained in your mattress and your warranty will not apply.


Additional requirements:

  • If the mattress purchased separately, the warranty will be valid, if your new therapedic mattress is supported by a divan which has equivalent construction quality according to Therapedic standard.

  • All costs associated with the transportation mattress warranty will be paid by customer.

  • If the material is in the mattress are not available at the time of service, then Therapedic is entitled to replace with the same materials or higher quality if necessary.


Coverage cost of service and repair:

  • For further detailed cost please email to garansi@therapedic.co.id